Greener Grass in Real Estate

The Flats, Mount Pleasant, New York

“Liminality is sacred, alluring, dangerous.” (1)  So believe the residents of The Flats in the town of Mount Pleasant.  Abutting the lower upper middle class hamlet of Thornwood and the slightly higher lower upper middle class village of Pleasantville, it’s no wonder this borderland is nothing its name would indicate.  

The vibrant blocks of The Flats offer an opportunity for affordable housing for the pricy area and a chance to see exotics only found in boroughs further South.  Lindsay Warner, a freelance social media director and mother of one that works from home, lives on the bottom floor of a two family house and pays $1800/month a rent.  She explains, “Rarely, do we get to see cars parked on lawns in a place like Westchester.  You would think you’d have to go to Queens or Long Island to see something like that.  But here in the Flats, it’s a normal occurrence.  I like that my child will have exposure to alternate methods of parking.”  She also enjoys using the services of nearby Pleasantville, including the weekly farmer's market.  

Donald Jefferson, bought a family house in 1994 for $210,000.  He rents out half of the house to pay his alimony.  He identified the area as a good fit for him because it was close to his job at nearby Westchester Medical Center.  “Over the years, I see more and more I like about this place, besides it being the only place I could afford in the area after my wife cleaned me out in the divorce.  There’s some diversity, Italians and even Latinos.  And I can know every night when I come home I can have a chicken parmigiana sub or fresh pizza delivered to my home that tastes as good as the ones in the Bronx.  Plus, property taxes aren’t bad.” 

Chelsea Pulash, student at nearby Pace University, describes her experience as living in her one bedroom in the flats as, “Pretty cool.  It’s nice to have an apartment because the RAs  on campus are really strict.  This way I can drink at home and also have a closer walk to the Pleasantville Bars.  Lucy’s Lounge has great martinis.”

What You’ll Find
The Flats has a mix of single family, multi-family, and a few larger houses divided up into apartments.  

What You’ll Pay
Rents range from $1000-2200/month and homes go for 200-400k.  Many rentals are dog friendly; the neighborhood even showcases a weimeraner.

What To Do
The Flats is neighbor to the Thornwood Shopping Center, which offers dining options like Italia and Asian Fusion Lucky Buddha.  The Shoprite in this plaza was recently remodeled. 

The Schools
Though located within .5 mile of Pleasantville schools, the majority of children in the neighborhood attend the Mount Pleasant school district.  Chelsea Grace, 14, reports, “deep internal conflict, like everyday” caused by living so close to the practice field of her soccer team’s top rivals the Pleasantville Panthers.  Overall, Chelsea finds the schools “pretty ok.” 28% of the Westlake Wildcats take Advanced Placement Classes.

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